Energy Saving Solutions

At HS Electrical Services we look to provide the most energy efficiency available at the time. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our customers are getting the most form what they require.


By installing energy efficient lighting to this warehouse we were able to dramatically reduce the customers lighting costs by almost 80%, we also used control equipment to only illuminate the aisles that are in use, and actually improve the amount of light in that area, all whilst making a neat a tidy job too.

We also provide energy saving solutions to domestic properties too with the use of LED lighting we could reduce your energy bills. Whilst the initial outlay for energy saving lighting is expensive, the amount of money saved in the long run is significantly worth it. This is achieved by the fittings not using as much power and due to the fact they are virtually maintenance free.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to see how we could cut those energy bills and help you do your bit for our planet at the same time.

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