Testing and Inspection

HS TEAMHS Electrical can carry out electrical inspection and testing as part of compliance with NICEIC requirements with continually carry out Periodic Inspection and testing reports on existing electrical systems. During the test and inspection process our Qualified Electricians will rigorously carry out tests and visual inspections on the electrical wiring and accessories throughout the premises to determine whether they comply with current regulations. Once all test results have been recorded a report on the installation shall be complied and issued to the client. The outcome of the report shall be either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. If an Unsatisfactory certificate is issued this means defects have been found during the inspections which do not comply with the current regulations. We will then provide a written quotation on the works required to bring the installation to a satisfactory standard.

Are You Complying???? The maximum time aloud between inspections is shown below.


Type of installation Routine Check Maximum period between inspections
Domestic Change of occupancy/ 10 years
Commercial 1 year Change of occupancy
Educational Establishments 4 months 5 years
Industrial 1 year 3 years
Residential Accommodation change of occupancy/1 year 5 years
Offices 1 year 5 years
Shops 1 year 5 years

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